Construction Updates

KLOR Committees Update:

4/15/19: Monthly Construction Update 4.15.19


7/19/16: KLOR Construction Update Quarter 3 – July 19th, 2016

7/12/16: Removal of Advertisements

6/20/16: KLOR Water meter update June 20th, 2016

6/13/16: Construction Progress Update

5/18/16: KLOR Letter from Construction Committee to the Board

4/26/16: Construction Presentation

3/9/16: Recap of 3/7/16 Board Meeting

Watch the Video: Recap of 3/7/16 Board Meeting

2/11/16: KLOR Letter to Owners

11/18/15: Lot Landscaping Plan

11/18/15: List of Builders

10/10/15: Minutes for Meeting held between the Communications Committee, R+O Studios and Board Members on October 10, 2015

10/8/15: Minutes of the Construction and Communication Committee’s meeting held on Thursday, Oct. 8TH, 2015 at 5:30 p.m.

10/2/15: KLOR Survey Results


9/4/15: Notice of September 9, 2015 Meeting of the Board of Directors of Key Largo Ocean Resort Condominium Association Inc.

8/20/15: Sewer: All video work completed. KLTWD reviewing to give ok to dry connect to city force main. We are expecting the connection to occur next week. Once that is done we test the pumps. The sewer should be operational with approvals within 6 weeks from today.

Water Lines: flushed will start chlorinating early next week. Inspections approved FKAA and DEP final approval expected in 8 weeks.

Electrical: FKEC Transformers and feeds to junction boxes 50% complete. Expect completion in 3 weeks.

Paving: Rip rap wall 60% complete. Lot grading 80% complete at north 2 roads. Expect paving of north 2 roads to start in 1 week.

Dear Owners:

In an effort to expedite progress, limit financial impact and protect KLOR from potential legal repercussions, the Board of Directors will:

  • Seek the opinion of the proper authorities with Monroe County, on how the first set of conceptual plans may or may not impact the designated “major deviation” in the Development Agreement. Once we have received the opinion from the municipal authorities we will re-establish a bid submission deadline date.
  • With respect to any legal repercussions the Board of Directors will conference with legal counsel and inform the community accordingly.
  • Move forward to quickly review all submitted plans and bids to build a new pool, club house, playground, sport-courts and marina building/dock-master’s building, as voted on at the meeting on August 4th, 2015.
  • Move forward in a conscious and attentive manner as noted above and continue to update you accordingly as pertinent details come in.

Con el propósito de agilizar el progreso del parque, limitar el impacto financiero y proteger a KLOR de futuras repercusiones legales, la junta directiva decidirá lo siguiente:

  • Buscar la opinión de las autoridades del Condado de Monroe para ver si la primera propuesta de los Planos Conceptuales pueda o nó afectar al KLOR “Development Agreement”. Una vez recibida la opinión de las autoridades del Condado, el Board (La junta directiva)  decidirá una fecha para someter dichas propuestas.
  • En respecto a cualquier repercusión legal, el Board (la junta directiva) sostendrá una junta con peritos legales (abogados) e informará a los dueños.
  • Como resultado de la votación del pasado 4 de Agosto del 2015, moveremos hacia delante el proceso para evaluar los planos y propuestas sometidas para construir una nueva piscina, casa club, playground, cancha de deportes y el edificio de la marina.
  • Avanzaremos con la intención de mantener los propietarios de KLOR informados a medida que se produzcan nuevos acontecimientos de forma atenta y consciente.

It appears that the board is about to have a closed meeting with attorney Robert Blanch from The Law Office of Siegfried Rivera. Upon information and belief at this closed meeting a majority of the board is going to decide that the issue of the relocation of the pool be placed in a vote by the owners of KLOR.

At the board meeting on August 4, 2015 by an unanimous vote the board voted in favor amongst various points, the following point “A”:

“That the Board of Directors adopt the conceptual plans presented to the Owners of Key Largo Ocean Resort at the informative meeting held on July 9th, 2015 by the Construction Committee. More specifically the preparation of the construction documents for the following:

1. Club House and Pool Facilities
2. Tennis & Basketball Court
3. Marina Building”

Clearly, by an unanimous vote the board adopted the conceptual plans prepared by Architect Robert Behar, which clearly depict the relocation of the pools. The voting process was videotaped.

Said board decision was supported by the great majority of the owners present at said meeting.

Said board decision has now been published and advertised at the KLOR website for all owners and the world to see.

The legal propriety of said decision will not be addressed at this time, as the construction committee has addressed same in prior emails.

The question presented to the board is as follows:

Are you really going to overturn said unanimous decision supported by a majority of owners present at said meeting behind closed doors?

Are you really going to make such an important decision behind closed doors?

If your motives are truly noble, The very least that the board can do, and the minimum that the owners deserve and demand is a public meeting to discuss said important issues, BEFORE the board votes. This is especially true giving the current state of affairs in KLOR of distrust, anxiety, and anger.

You can do the secret vote, and explain your selves away until your face turns blue, you will not dispel their feelings of betrayal, distrust, anger, and anxiety. This will be especially true to a very large segment of KLOR owners, the recent purchasers. Your actions will awake a sleeping monster.

Yes you can have a close meeting with counsel to discuss legal strategies, but do not take that vote without having first an open, candid, cordial discussion of the subject amongst all of us owners.

May God Bless us all, and the future of KLOR,

Jesus Bujan, KLOR construction committee


The pending permits for the sewer lines were approved and we are moving forward.

Update 8/4/15:

The board held a meeting on August 4th to vote on the construction committee’s recommendations. In short, the board heeded their advice and will move forward on acquiring architectural designs for the construction of the pool, clubhouse and marina. The funds for the drawings will be taken from the association’s reserve account. In addition, the board gave an update on the progress for the infrastructure. According to the board, the infrastructure should be completed in October assuming there are no delays in acquiring the necessary permits. A more detailed update is currently being produced and will be posted in the next few days.

Update – 7/9/15:

The following items were shared and discussed with the KLOR owners at a meeting that was held on July 9th, 2015 at the Fiesta Palace located at 155 SW 107th Ave, Miami, FL 33174.

A. History of the Construction, Architectural Review and Communication Committees. Each committee shared its purpose and briefly discussed their procedures and goals.

B. Construction update:

A.      Plumbing-water-sewers

  1. Water: all water lines have been tested to 150 psi and are holding test pressure. Currently waiting for FKEC- permit renewal to finalize and chlorinate.
  2. Sewers: all sewer lines and manholes have been videotaped and sealed as required. Sewer has passed private inspections and KLWWTD inspections will be ready for EOR inspection once road base compaction is completed.
  3. Lift station equipment is all in place including 3 phase pumps. Pending power for control panel installation at free-standing service.

B.      Electrical

  1. Pole lights have been wired to free-standing service locations; pole base boxes are installed. Work is 95% complete and fully inspected.
  2. Underground conduit work for FKEC (power company) is 95% complete. FKEC has commenced pulling service wire as of Tuesday, July 7th.
  3. Lights ready for night testing by end of this week (July 10th). Lift station power pending power pole installation by FKEC. (On-going).

C.      Paving- Base rock installation will resume by end of July with paving to be started by Mid-August as contract with paving contractor is in negotiation phase.

D.      Permits-Pending renewal of FKAA permit to pass water inspection and proceed to chlorinate lines.

E.      Surveyors-Negotiating contract with local surveyor for preparation of as-built and setting of paving blue dots (elevation markers).

F.      Expectations and Timeline-Lime rock paving base should be completed by early August with paving starting by mid-August expected substantial completion by end of September/October.

  1. Conceptual designs for a new pool, club house, children’s play area and the marina building were demonstrated  by the Construction Committee
  2. Procedures for recommendation to the Board of Directors to vote to adopt the conceptual plans were addressed and explained.
  3. Budget – current funds (which are detailed on the financial statements that can be found on the Documents section of the website) and tentative Timelines were discussed as pertaining to:
    1. Construction
    2. Assessment
  4. The Committee Members facilitated a Question and Answer session. All the Q&A’s can be found on the Q&A section of the website.


Update – 6/19/15:

The committees met again on June 18th. Sewer and Water Lines – the work is 70% complete. The electrical work is going very well. The electrical junction boxes are currently being wired. Regarding the boat slips, we are getting a new proposal from Coastal Systems International, Inc. We will share more information with you once it is received. We finalized plans for the meeting that has been scheduled for July 9th to present to the owners what we have accomplished so far and the recommendations being made for the next phases. We hope to have a great turnout. Please spread the word!

Update – 06/09/15:

Sewer and Water Lines – lines are being set commencing from the north side and are being inspected for functionality, leaks or any other trepidation. This will prepare the sewers and lines for appropriate and required municipal inspections. Excavations, fixes and refill of trenches are well on their way and approximately 70% complete; as itemized by our contractor of record. Weather permitting probable completion, is 2-3 months from this point.

Application(s) and all required and appropriate documentation have been submitted to the municipalities and or authorities, including FKAA for approval including re-opening of any expired permits. At completion, readiness and as the work progresses inspections will be ordered and processed accordingly.

All water meters will ultimately need to be installed, including individual lot meters. In anticipation of this, we are working with surveyors to confirm, mark and re-establish corners of all lots in accordance with the legal descriptions. It does appear that some lots are not marked and/or maybe missing markers which may have been detached.

Connection of electrical services – This appears to be well on its way with underground conduit and electrical services about 60% complete. The subcontractor has finished wiring all the exterior light poles. The have been pending delivery of electrical junction boxes; expected delivery date June 5th, 2015. We continue to anticipate competition of this sector in 2-3 months.

Road Work – We anticipate to begin grading and paving the streets in 2 to 3 months after the aforementioned water, sewer and electrical have been established. Pending finalizing a contract with a sub-contractor; the entire grading and paving should take 1-2 months from start date.

Boat Slips – There appears to be inadequacies with the conceptual design. If you currently have a slip, do not worry, the inadequacies will NOT eliminate any slips currently held. The construction committee and members of the board are working closely to present the design concept that exists to the municipalities, engineers, architects and experts in this capacity.

General Contractor – The Construction Committee recommended to the BOD hiring a general contractor to supervise the process as described in this email and to stay on in that capacity until the completion. .  The Committee is currently considering candidates with qualifications and local knowhow and customs. We hope to secure an individual in the coming weeks.

Miscellaneous – Some items remain to be concluded with the bond company, the subcontractors, terms of payments etc. Wherein, we anticipate a full conclusion by June 11th, 2015.

We are also diligently coordinating the next phase; club house, pool, a children’s play area, marina food/store facilities, equipment rooms, utility rooms, mail room and the current office building. Concept design(s) have been introduced to the committees and several board members. These concepts are being used to gather and establish proposal(s) from architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors etc. Their proposals will be presented to you, the owners, at an informative meeting tentatively scheduled for June 30th, 2015.  Save the date JUNE 30th, 2015 6:50 p.m.

The costs of these are not part of previous assessments. Therefore, it has been forecasted that an assessment for same will occur. No timeline or details for this has been decided nor presented. However, we do speculate to have some proximity at the June 30th meeting. We welcome your comments and questions. The June 30th meeting will have a question and answer section that will be monitored, timed and effectively/productively managed. The Board will be asked to and may vote in a separate meeting. As there are requirements set by Florida Statues, our Condominium Documents and the Department of Business and Professional Regulations for votes.

Update – 5/29/15

The Construction Committee met at KLOR on Wednesday, May 27,  with onsite contractors to gather information on ongoing issues and the progress of the infrastructure work. Prospective contractors were also contacted to request bids for the construction of common areas and to supervise current infrastructure projects.

Update – 5/22/15

The committees met again on May 21st. Progress is being made with the electrical and plumbing work. We’ll be posting new pictures on the website soon. Please remember to check our website for future updates.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Holiday Weekend.

Update – 5/7/15

The Construction, Architectural Review and Communication committees met on May 6th and recommendations have been made to the board on how to progress with the infrastructure and development of the common areas. Please remember to check our website for future updates.

Infrastructure Work Has Resumed – 5/5/15


Construction Updates

Demo/Infrastructure Work: